The Waterbury Land Bank Authority (“WLB”) has created a Side Lot Program to assist the City of Waterbury in the disposition of City owned property, and/or abandoned property in a manner consistent with City policies.

The WLB Side Lot Program provides an opportunity for the Land Bank to acquire either vacant lots or lots that have been abandoned and unmaintained which can be cleaned up and sold to qualifying adjacent homeowners. The Land Bank will consider acquiring City owned property and property owned by private owners who no longer desire to own the property or who have not paid taxes on the property. The transfer of a residential side lots benefits the City, the Land Bank, and the adjoining property owner, in that the land will be maintained to acceptable standards, the land will regain taxable status, and the adjoining homeowners are able to expand their side yard for their families to play or create gardens or use for parking within the local ordinance guidelines. Ultimately, this additional land will increase the overall value of the adjacent homeowner’s property.

Qualified Properties

Parcels of property eligible for inclusion in the Side Lot Program must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Vacant unimproved real property

  • Owned by the Land Bank as either an unimproved lot or with the intention of demolishing any structures that currently exists on the land

  • Shall be physically contiguous to adjacent property with not less than a 50% common boundary line on one side

  • Initial priority shall be given to the disposition of properties of insufficient size to permit independent development

  • The intended end use meets the intent and guidance provided for this lot by the city

The Purchase Process & Pricing

The general premise of this program is to put unproductive properties into productive use, and to add value to properties whereby responsible homeowners can increase the size and value of their property by merging a side lot or sliver lot with their existing property. The benefit of adding value to the property for the homeowner is a plus, since now the lot is being well maintained or being used for parking which is much needed in the city.

The WLB will acquire the lot with clean title from the City of Waterbury or from private property owners. It will then prepare the site for resale. In the meantime, adjacent property owners will be contacted and be offered the right of first refusal to buy the lot. The adjoining property owner will be given 30 days to either accept or reject the offer. If the adjoining property owner accepts the offer, a sales contract will be derived based upon the agreed upon intent or use of the property, and negotiated sales price, and the property will be sold. If the adjacent property owner refuses the offer to buy the lot, the WLB will market the sale of the land to the public, in conformance to programmatic disposition guidelines. The sales price will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the size and characteristics of the lot, and sometimes based upon market value.

Start the Purchase Process

Please contact the Waterbury Land Bank to learn how to purchase a side lot from the Waterbury Land Bank Authority. Please see and complete the Purchase Qualification and Application to Acquire Property forms.

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Property Bid Application Process

Ranking bid applications of applicants who wish to acquire real property from the WLB can be a complex process that involves multiple factors. To rank bid applications effectively, the WLB will evaluate, and score bid applications based upon a set of criteria which aligns with the WLB Mission. Ranking criteria includes the intended land use of the property to be acquired, bid price, financial strength of the applicant, and what is most beneficial to the local community. Priority is given to land use which promotes home ownership opportunities.


The WLB staff will communicate the ranking results to the WLB Board of Directors who will make the final selection of the bids being presented for each property. Staff will then be prepared to provide feedback to the bid applicant. 

For a more detailed explanation of the ranking process, please see the Narrative on Ranking Bid Applications and Worksheet.

Interested in Conveying Property to Us?

Waterbury Land Bank welcomes owners to donate, sell, or otherwise convey property to us. We consider residential properties and vacant lots and land and require clean title on any property that we accept. Please review our Policies and Procedures to learn more about our process. You can offer a property for consideration by clicking here to visit our property listing site and then click the button labelled “Offer a Property to WLB”.

Application to Convey Property

Contracting with the Waterbury Land Bank Authority

Contact the Land Bank to learn more about the requirements and qualifications to become a pre-qualified demolition contractor or asbestos contractor. Land Bank staff will assist interested contractors through the process.


Join us in a City of opportunity and growth, by finding a property that fits your plans.